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Doctoral Degree Gown & Hood Packages



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Deluxe Doctoral Graduation Gown & Hood Package

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Doctorate Gown and Hood packages to cover you basic graduation needs

A typical academic regalia consist of several pieces, and we know how inconvenient it is to buy it by piece, that’s why we make it easier for you!

An elaborate Doctorate Graduation Gown and Hood helps Doctorate Degree holders get the distinction they deserve. So if that’s what you need, then has got you covered. Our doctoral academic regalia also come with the following distinctive features:

  • Made from premium matte fabric.
  • Gown features a deluxe fluting around the yoke and shoulders.
  • Hood is customizable with the colors you need.

And if you need these items badly, we offer an overnight delivery service for your convenience. So get your graduation basics covered. Contact today!