Collection: Bachelor's Degree Graduation Hoods - Academic Hoods

Collection: Bachelor's Degree Graduation Hoods - Academic Hoods

Bachelor's Graduation Hoods that symbolize scholarly merit

An academic achievement is one of the most coveted things in the world. The award symbolizes your advancement, and it never expires. However, it may take some work to get there, but when you’ve finally got it, then there’s no stopping you!

A graduation hood distinguishes you from other degree candidates through the colors they represent. Different colors indicate different degrees. provides only the best quality bachelor’s hoods to suit your preference. They boast the following feature:

  • Made from matte fabric with a sleek, dull finish.
  • Linings can be customized according to your degree color.
  • Fast and efficient delivery service.

Get your bachelor’s Academic hood with a customized lining in one click, and we’ll take care of the rest! If you need help or have questions about customizing your hood, please contact customer service.