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Graduation Tassels for Sale - 2019 College & High School Tassels

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Jumbo Graduation Tassels - 11 colors

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Graduation Tassels that stand for excellence

Graduation marks an ending and a beginning in every student’s life. It ends an academic journey, but it is also the start of another journey, be it still in the academe or in the real world.

One of the highlights of a graduation ceremony is the conferment of degrees wherein tassels are also turned from right to left.

For sturdy, high quality graduation tassels with charming year signets and a bit of bling, order them here at! No hassle and stress, just a delightful and memorable graduation! We offer:

  • High School Graduation Tassels
  • College and University Graduation Tassels
  • Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation Tassels

Graduate with distinction and charm with our single or double colored graduation tassels. Great discounts await, we also accept wholesale tassel orders.