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Associates Hood - College Graduation Hood

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<h2>Associates Hood</h2>
<p><span>Our premiere quality Premium Associates Hood is made from the same well-crafted fabric we use for our gowns and matches perfectly to our premium college associates robe. Each hood features a jet black shell crafted from our matte fabric with a specialty finish. A 3.5” wide band of colorful velvet embellishes the hood; the color you indicate will depend on the field of study selected by each Masters graduate.</span></p>
<p><span>The lining and accent colors are created to represent your official school colors. Our graduation hoods are constructed of a silky satin finish polyester for these particular areas. While the finished hood has a intricate design, ordering is easy; just choose the colors you need and allow us to do the rest!</span></p>
<p><span>The Premium Associates Hood features a stress-free, over the head design that can be worn by men or women who have achieved their associates degree. This piece is professionally crafted and designed to last. Every hood can be reused annually for multiple uses.</span></p>
<p><span>Each Premium Associates Hood features:</span></p>
<p><span>Elegant matte 100% Polyester fabric</span></p>
<p><span>Almost 3 ½ feet in finished length</span></p>
<p><span>Create a custom look with your choice of colors<br></span></p>
<p><span>We offer a plush velvet to match every possible degree and field of study, which makes ordering a stress-free and a breeze.</span></p>

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What is the material of your gowns?
Our gowns are all made of 100% polyester. Purely made polyester, like our products, is extremely strong, extremely durable and has excellent properties such as being hydrophobic in nature that leads to quick-drying and stain resistance.

What is the difference between matte and shiny?

The main difference is the finish of the fabric. Our shiny gowns are a knitted fabric that has more of a shiny look to it giving the color of the gowns more brightness. Our matte gowns are a woven fabric which has more of a flat dull finish. 

How do I know what gown's color to choose?
Please contact your educational institution, as we currently do not have access to school colors.

What if my school orders with a different company?
We welcome anyone to order with us! Although, we cannot give assurance or be held responsible for our gowns’ colours matching another company’s gowns. We provide unique shades of gowns are not the same with another vendor's products.

How to select my Graduation gown size?

You need to provide us with each customer's height with shoes on for the gown and weight. You do not need to provide cap size as our standard caps are one size fits all with elastic. Please see the our size chart

Do you offer plus sizes?
We do have regular and full-fit sizes. We have plus sizes in 45, 48, 51, 54, 57, and 63. Please refer to the measuring instructions link for more information on our sizing.

How do I select my hood's colors?

There is no standardized and unified published listing available of all current school colors. While Graduationcapandgown does maintain a color chart for degree velvet colors there is no true substitute for contacting your school directly and asking them what colors they are currently using for your graduation apparel. Schools can and sometimes do change their colors on a yearly basis (and even the color of the gown itself).

The lining and chevron (satin fabric) represent your school colors. The shell is the material of hood which is always black (polyester fabric, matte finish). The velvet color represents your specific degree or field of study.

You always need to choose the colors based on your highest level of education or current school you are attending.

How do I wear my hood? 

Place it over your head draping off your shoulders and across the back of your gown. The velvet edge should be on the outside visible from the back. Make sure the lining (field and chevron school colors) are turned out so that people can see from the back your university colors. Usually this is done by turning the velvet trim to the outside at the back just below your shoulders. If you ordered a professional / faculty hood there will be a cord in the back (with two buttons one on each side of the hood) to keep your hood in place and a cord in the front to keep the hood away from your neck. Fasten the front cord to a shirt or dress button. Finally make sure the fabric shell of the hood is smoothed down and lays flat against the back of your robe. 

How to Wear & Degree Colors Chart

If you have any questions regarding Academic Regalia, please email us at

instructions for wearing academic hoods

  1. Put hood on over head with velvet side up and with small tapered end in front.
  2. Before closing gown, loop cord on front of hood over shirt / blouse button to keep hood from riding against wearer’s neck.
  3. Secure cord across the back to keep hood together. DO NOT CONNECT HOOD TO THE GOWN.
  4. Turn out lining colors as illustrated. Illustration shows a Doctor Hood. Master and Bachelor or Hoods are smaller but worn in the same manner.

A Division of Apparel Group

If you have any questions regarding Academic Regalia, please email us at

Academic Regalia Hood Diagram

When ordering a bachelor’s, master’s or doctor’s hood’ you will need to know what colors you want for each of these four areas.

  1. Velvet Color: Based on degree and discipline.
  2. Lining Color: 1st school color, in the large area.
  3. Chevron Color: 2nd school color, in the center.
  4. Fabric Color: The standard fabric is black.

A Division of Apparel Group

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